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pike fishing updates

Upper Fuzzy Pike

Hi Everyone

Upper Fuzzy has been producing some quality pike in the past 2 weeks with 9 fish between 13 - 17lbs gracing the bank. The Best fish of the week was taken from mike heal with a cracking 17lb 10oz corker. Float fished sprat proved to be the winning method for mike fished in slightly shallower water than the rest of the lake near a dying weed bed.

This lake is starting to show signs of producing some really good 20's this season if they are going to give there selves up before it closes.

Upper Fuzzy Pike

Hi Everyone,

With a lot of pike anglers tackling Martins lake recently due to its fine fishing, It left Upper Fuzzy completely free to one Angler Ciaran Bligh to take full advantage to try and tempt one or two of the big girls that live in the lake.

Ciaran's first visit to the fishery saw him take this superb double which looks in superb condition i'm sure you'll all agree.

Its a clear sign that the bigger fish are on the move and to those who are willing to put in the time the rewards are all there to be had.

Pike Fishing

Hi Everyone,

The pike have been coming out well from upper fuzzy and martins this week with 4 fish going just over 12lbs. Caught on float fished herring deadbaits.

Plenty of jacks to over 7lbs on soft plastics and dead baits gracing the banks on both lakes.

Whilst of a walk around last week I did see to huge pike hanging around the reed beds on Upper Fuzzy one scrapper 20 but the other along side it looked at least 6-8 inches longer and a lot deeper framed possibly mid 20 at least.

look forward to getting stuck into these myself

Pike fishing update

Hi Everyone,

We are nearing the end of yet another successful pike season at Simpsons, with some impressive fish gracing the bank since October. No one method has been a huge hit this year with fish taking lives, lures and sea dead baits throughout.

You guys have up to the 31st of march to try and break that elusive 20lb barrier. With the best fish to date still standing at 19lb 12oz which fell to Mark Bailey on the fly last year.

After the recent netting in the early winter showing how healthy the pike populations are in both Upper Fuzzy and Martins.

Pike Update

Hi Everyone,

The pike fishing has been steady over the past week due to the amount of rain we have had recently. Although there have been 7 pike from 4lb to 9lb 3oz which have come from Martins lake. Rick Smith taking a nice brace of 7lb 4oz and 7lb 13oz a wobbled roach dead bait.

Upper Fuzzy has been extremely active with pike this week with plenty of fish stricking at bait fish. Getting them to grace the bank on the other hand has been quite difficult but Mick Green managed to bank a nice double of 12lb 2oz on half a rudd livebait fished near some dying lily pads.

Pike fishing update

Pike Fishing Success

Hi Everyone,
The pike season continues in fine form with Roy Wiffin taking a nice fish of 8lb 4oz on a popped up sprat from upper fuzzy. Martins has been producing some nice pike up to 7lb last week.
look forward to seeing you soon

Pike Updates

Hi Everyone,
With the weather changing what seems to be by the minute from winter to spring and back again the pike fishing has done much of the same. There have been some quality catches coming out in recent weeks tho.
Roy managed a lovely 9lber from upper fuzzy on a live rudd as well as quite a few other smaller jack pike.
Paul Cozens tried out his new LRF fishing rod and managed to get bent straight into a cracking pike of 9lb 12oz on a white rubber shad. Paul also managed a further 2 perch of just over 1lb from lower fuzzy.

Pike on the feed

Hi Everyone
The pike fishing continues to be very productive at the moment, with over 20 fish coming out in the last 10 days. Many of these being small little jacks, Roy Wiffin managed a cracker today of 9lb 5oz taken on a live rudd.
Another monster was lost today by our newest season ticket holder John on a rubber jelly lure. The fish stayed deep and with some head shaking managed to through the hook.
look forward to seeing you soon

Pike fishing update

Hi Everyone,
Just a quick update on the pike fishing on Upper Fuzzy this week, There have been mainly jacks making apperances this week to just over 6lbs. With the best fish of the week being a low double of 10lb 10oz falling to a live baited roach fished close to the islands.
look forward to seeing you soon
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