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Skylark updates

Skylark in good form

Hi Everyone,

Skylark continues to produce some quality sport to both the fly and lure, Bruce Spearing took a 6 fish catch including two brownies of 1lb 12oz and 2lb 4oz this week. Bead headed Montana's proved the winning fly of the day for Bruce.

Skylark offers a fantastic opportunity for the beginner and anglers on a tighter budget

look forward to seeing you soon



Skylark update

Hi Everyone,
Skylark has produced 17 fish this week to small bloodworm patterns, the best of them being a 2lb 14oz brownie. Small buzzer, nymph patterns seem to be working well at the moment.
look forward to seeing you soon

Skylark results

Hi everyone,
skylark continues to produce some cracking rainbows last week, with the best catch going to shaun page and his friend taking a total of 7 fish on a short evening session to just over 5lbs.
Bloodworm buzzers and black skinny buzzers seem to be the going patterns at the moment fished close to the weed beds.
look forward to seeing you soon

Skylark results

Hi everyone,
Skylark continues to produce steady results this week. With some 22 fish out to just over 5lbs black buzzers seem to be doing the damage.
look forward to seeing you soon

Skylark results

Hi Everyone,
Skylark continues to produce some fantastic sport to those fishing on the catch and release ticket. I managed an hour over the weekend and caught 6 fish to just over 5lb all the fish fell to blood worm buzzers.
look forward to seeing you soon

Skylark catch report

Hi everyone,
Skylark has been in fine form last week with a cracking fish of 6lb 11oz caught on a olive buzzer, which was part of a 3 fish catch to greg short whilst down on holiday.
look forward to seeing you soon

skylark catch reports

Hi Everyone,
Just a quick update on the flyfishing on skylark this week. Malcom stone and george cottle had a couple of fish today to just over 3lbs in weight on sinking lines and small nymphs.
The best fish of the week came to bernard boniface with a cracking rainbow of 7lb 8oz rainbow taking eariler this week.
look forward to seeing you soon

skylark catch report

Hi everyone,
skylark has continued to fish well this week with plenty of rainbows out between 2 - 4lbs. The best fish of the week was a rainbow of 5lb 10z caught by simon finch from cornwall.
look forward to seeing you soon


Hi everyone,
skylark continues to fish well, with 2 catch and release anglers having 15 fish between them on black and green montana's. The best of the fish going over 6lb.
look forward to seeing you soon


Hi everyone
Just a quick update on the trout fishing on skylark this week, with the lake back up to its full level the trout have come on the feed big style.
With 30 fish out this week to catch and release anglers to 8lb 12oz and a further 8 fish out to put and take anglers to just over 6lbs. With small nymphs and buzzers taking quite a few fish, also black woolly bugger flies.
look forward to seeing you soon
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