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Mallard Specimen Carp and Pike Lake


Mallard Trout lake offers fantastic Specimen Carp and Pike Fishing.
 This 2 1/2 acre lake contains some superb quality Carp and Pike
mallard trout lake at simpson valley coarse and trout fishery


(Clear Water Pike fishing on Fly and Lure)

Mallard is our New Specimen Carp and Pike Lake. With the lake designed with series of gravel bars, troughs and sunken islands it offers a great challenge to the more experienced Carp and Pike Angler.

Stocked with 25 stunning carp from 18lbs to 35lbs + and the pike pushing close to the 30lb barrier with several fish over the 20lb mark.

A lovely rainbow being stocked into are trout masters water at simpson valley coarse and trout fishery.

Mallard is extremely rich in aquatic invertebrates and very  clear so offers the perfect opportunity to sight fish for your quarry. 

Mallard must be booked in advanced due to popular demand

Pike Season Open from 1st of October until March 31st. 

For More Information on Prices and methods Please phone the following:
Andrew: 07881 764 655
Paul: 07855 413 672

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